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There is no competition.
No one else provides the same value to your business.
Powerful management tools + professional custom design work + our support policy + monthly marketing services + premium listing in HobbyHen.com + our focus to the Arts & Crafts industry = UNRIVALED VALUE!

Frequently Asked Questions:
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1. What does this all cost me? How do I pay?
2. What is the development process?
3. What do I get with the initial setup?
4. What do I get with my monthly fee?
5. How will shoppers find my website?
6. How long have you been in business?
7. How will I learn to use the Admin Software?
8. Do you have programs to save me money?
9. Why do I pay a monthly fee?
10. Do you have add-on features for a new or current store?
11. What support is available? How do I reach you?
12. Can I easily place my products on eBay and other shopping service listings?
13. What marketing services are included?
14. Can I track visitor hits and their actions?
15. How do shoppers purchase my items?
16. How do I accept credit card payments?
17. Can my current logo or company style be incorporated into the store design?
18. Can you create a logo for me?
19 How many items can I sell online?
20. What do I get with my Premium listing on HobbyHen.com?
21. Do I pay sales-based fees or additional fees?
22. Do I need to sign a contract? How long must I stay with you?
23. Can you help me drive more traffic to my site?
24. I'm ready to begin. What's next?

 What's Included...
  Everything you need   and more.

Customized Web Design
Setting up of Catalog Engine
Business Rules Setup
Personal Support / Training

Unlimited Products in Unlimited       Categories
Taxable / Non-Taxable
In Stock / Out-of-Stock
On-Sale Pricing
Set Product Availability Date
Easily Add/Edit/Delete Products
Easily Upload Pictures
Browse by keywords,

Search Engine Optimization
Link Exchange System
META Tags Module
Newsletter Management
Best Seller Lists
Sale Specials and Coupons
Email Campaigns
eBay Listing Integration
Shopping Services Integration
      (Froogle, BizRate, Yahoo)

Manage online store anywhere
       with an internet connection
Analyze sales by customer
       orders, products purchased
Review site statistics such as       most viewed products
Order notification through email
      or online
Print invoices, packing slips...
      even prepaid shipping labels!

Fully integrated with PayPal
      Authorize.net, iPayment,
      2CheckOut, PSiGate, more...
Check / Money Order
Offline Credit Card Processing
Accept payment in any
Track and manage all your
       orders online

Party Supplies

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