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Our goal is to help businesses in the Arts and Crafts market attract and retain customers by using the web intelligently.
Focused on your market to attract more customers.
Today, over 605 million people are on the Internet globally and online retail ecommerce is expected to reach $65.1B in 2004 (Source: Jupiter, 1/04). The numbers are staggering and are only expected to grow.

However, for most small businesses in the Arts and Crafts market, the promise of the Internet was falling short. Why is this so? Poor web development was distancing businesses and customers. Unfocused marketing was reaching the wrong people.

By studying the Arts and Crafts market over the past several years, it was realized that in order to capitalize on the potential of the Internet, web development must be focused; not only on a particular company to build an effective Internet presence, but on its industry to attract and retain customers.

In February 2006, some assets of Circular Orb, LLC to include hobbyhen.com, hobbyhen.net and their hosting clients, were purchased by Olympic Web Design, Inc. We continue to assist artisans in meeting their goals through the use of the Internet.

Today, our goal is to help companies in the Arts and Crafts market attract and retain customers by using the web intelligently. We create functional sites that your customers value, with integrated marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Hobby Hen Case Study: Kristen Zeman

Business: KristenZeman.com
Challenge: Kristen Zeman already had a website built but needed to add eCommerce functionalities to her website. She wanted to implement a shopping cart and the ability to manage her products, customers, and sales without any programming knowledge.

Solutions: After careful research, we came up with a dynamic ecommerce website that incorporated soft colors, enhancing Kristen's product images. With Hobby Hen's eCommerce system, website visitors now had an easy way to find and purchase products. We also added the ability for Kristen's clients to be able to buy custom prints from their photo sessions. After the site's implementation, we spent a day showing Kristen how to manage her online store, from adding products to sending out newsletters.
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